Shifting sequences

One of my biggest frustrations from growing into a yoga teacher from a student is noticing how some of the general public feels about yoga. I don’t know how many times I can say, “it’s for everybody!” But I will, a million more times, because I believe in it.

I entered my yoga teacher training as a hot power yoga junkie who wanted warmth, constant chaturangas, warrior sequences and short savasanas.

What I got was sitting with ‘why?’

Among many transformative lessons, two I hold close to my heart are the power of creating my own heat, and the power of holding stillness.

After discovering mediation-in-motion, the freedom of following my breath and allowing my body to flow like it wanted to, released me from a stringent point of view on yoga.  My experience deepened into something more spiritual by getting to know mySELF.

I learned to slow down and go somewhere deeper in savasana.

I believe in these because I experienced these, and I want you to experience them too.

Yoga is not just about getting your leg up to the sky and your nose to your knee, our limbs are simply superficial, another deep lesson learned.

It’s not just about finding your physical edge, but your emotional edge.

If you’re not breathing, you’re not doing yoga. Rest, find your breath.

The word yoga actual means union, a connection.

There is no big rule book for yoga besides ancient teachings (I think they knew what they were talking about) and ways to prevent injuries. That’s about it.

I still enjoy attending power hot yoga classes, it was one of my introductions into the yoga world which I will always hold dear to my heart. And there are different yoga niches for everybody! (On my way to a million). But my eyes have been opened as a teacher.

So know this: When you’re feeling frustrated and find yourself taking a few calming deep breaths, you’re practicing yoga. When you’re questioning why you feel a certain way, you’re practicing yoga. Even when you discover you can touch your toes, yes, that is also yoga..

My sequences these days have shifted.  Not just on the mat, but off the mat.  Reactions, ideals, acceptance.  I enjoy creating and teaching my own heat and leading longer savasanas.

Creating heat and holding stillness. It’s pretty powerful.

Where can you shift sequences?


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